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    Designing Custom Plans for Your Site

Video Surveillance Systems

Video surveillance systems can give you an extra set of eyes and ears to monitor your business or keep your children safe. It is a great tool for preventing crime including home invasion or the vandalizing of a business. Video surveillance can even help convict a burglar or vandal after a crime has been committed. Unwanted trespassers can also be tracked in real time and stopped before any potential harm can occur. QIS provides high quality video surveillance systems that are on the cutting edge of today’s technology. Whether you want to protect your outdoor lumberyard, your cash register, or your family heirlooms, QIS can provide you with the digital video surveillance that you need.

Video Surveillance Systems


QIS provides a range of video surveillance systems and options to meet your needs. QIS has qualified technicians that are experienced in all areas needed to install new video surveillance or upgrade your existing system. From basic, onsite closed circuit TV, to digital recording with feeds that can be monitored over the Internet, QIS has a custom solution to fit your needs and your budget.


Customized Protection

The QIS quality staff has years of experience installing and upgrading video surveillance systems. We will give you the maximum amount of protection coverage at the lowest cost while maintaining the QIS quality that you can depend on. QIS has the experience to know your site better, planning a customized video surveillance installation that provides you with the best protection.

Security Camera Installations


Designing Effective Solutions

At QIS, designing custom plans for your site is key to quality protection. Our video surveillance experts will come to your home or business to survey and design an effective and efficient monitoring solution that gives you the most protection. Our experts will identify and secure every vulnerability. Quality Service. Quality Protection. Quality Peace of Mind.

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